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Pork farmers make Kansas better

  1. There are about 1,000 hog farms in Kansas. Of these operations, 150 produce over 99% of the state’s pigs.
  2. Kansas is the number 10 state in hog and pig inventory producing about 2.7 percent of the nation’s total.
  3. In 2019, Kansas producers sold 3,741,494 market hogs, feeder pigs and seedstock with a gross market value of $494,731,002. These hogs produced over 600,000,000 pounds of pork which helps feed millions of people in the U.S. and abroad through exports.

Pork industry important to Kansas economy

Kansas pork farms consume over 30 million bushels of grain. Primarily, these operations utilize Kansas-grown grain sorghum and corn. At January 2019 prices, the pork industry will spend over $90,000,000 on grain sorghum and corn this year.

Kansas pork farms also consume the equivalent of over eight million bushels of soybeans through soybean products. At January 2019 prices, the pork industry will spend over $64,000,000 on soybean products this year.

Kansas pork farmers support suppliers of goods and services to their businesses. A short list of vendors includes:

  • Feed suppliers – grain and nutritional supplements.
  • Construction – includes new building and maintenance.
  • Labor – as with any business, growth means increased labor needs.
  • Supplies – pork producers utilize Main Street businesses for a vast array of items ranging from veterinary supplies to office supplies.
  • Equipment – pork producers utilize specialty equipment for many tasks including nutrient management.
  • Utilities – gas, propane and electric.
  • Trucking – producers utilize trucking to bring grain to the farm as well as hauling hogs to market.
  • Services – pork producers utilize many services along Main Street including financial, medical, accounting, legal, engineering, and veterinary.