Zoltenko Farms, Inc. (ZFI) is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with Genes Diffusion (GD). The new venture will expand ZFI’s boar stud capacity to 1100 head of PIC boars and enables them to reach additional market segments and provide increased availability of high quality semen from PIC’s top maternal and terminal genetic lines.

“This is a logical partnership, as both parties are focused on progressive technology and continuous improvement,” says Lannin Zoltenko, General Manager of ZFI. “Our expanded reach and ability to share technology and process improvements will enable us to provide the high-quality product that we are known for to a larger segment of the market.”

“I look forward to our collaboration,” says Claude Grenier, Vice President of Genes Diffusion. “I expect our dedication to quality and innovation will set in motion many new opportunities for both companies.”

ZFI will now be able to fill orders from both Courtland, KS, and Stoughton, WI, with delivery routes available to cover 10 Midwest states and beyond. Semen will be available out of Stoughton as soon as September 2018.

About Zoltenko Farms, Inc: ZFI is a progressive and family-owned commercial boar stud, livestock and farming operation located in Jewell County Kansas, two miles from the Nebraska border. ZFI has utilized PIC as its exclusive genetic supplier since 1998, celebrating 20 years in business this year.

About Genes Diffusion: Genes Diffusion, a subsidiary of Genes Diffusion Immobilière et Financière, specializes in boar stud operation and management. Focusing on cutting-edge technology and advanced research enables GD to remain at the forefront of boar stud operation. With locations worldwide and specialists in all major species, Genes Diffusion is poised as a market leader in livestock reproduction.

Zoltenko Farms, Inc. and Genes Diffusion announce new collaboration