To share information about the quality and availability of U.S. pork in China’s growing restaurant sector, USMEF teamed with the BLT restaurant for a special pork back ribs promotion. Funded by the National Pork Board, the promotion included distribution of a special T-shirt featuring the slogan “no meat, no joy.”
BLT is an American-style restaurant chain in Beijing that specializes in burgers, beef steak and pork, most of which are imported from the United States. According to Ming Liang, USMEF marketing director in China, BLT has seen an increase in the popularity of U.S. pork back ribs smothered in Jack Daniels sauce.
This was the third year USMEF partnered with BLT restaurant for the special U.S. pork promotion.
“Many people like U.S. pork because of its juiciness and unique sweet flavor, but still there are many consumers who don’t know much about the product,” explained Liang. “We designed the ‘no meat, no joy’ T-shirt to promote a concept of eating meat to make yourself happy. We encouraged diners to order U.S. pork back ribs by offering the T-shirt and one complimentary glass of beer with each purchase of a meal. We also produced posters and tent cards to expand awareness of U.S. pork.”
BLT reported that orders of pork ribs increased significantly during the promotion. In the same period last year, BLT sold 493 orders of U.S. pork ribs. This year, thanks to the USMEF promotion, the total was 826 orders.
U.S. Pork Ribs Promoted at American-Style Restaurant in China