A veterinarian with Elanco Animal Health says it’s not too early for livestock producers to get ready for new antibiotic regulations in animal feed that go into effect in 2017.

Kerry Keffaber says there are four steps that can be done, on the farm, to prepare for the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD).

“One, make sure you have a valid client-patient relationship, check with your suppliers of these products, make sure how that system is going to work, third, training, I think we can all be better trained in all aspects of how to do it better and fourth, let’s review our health program,” Keffaber said. “Let’s look at ways we can reduce the need for antibiotics and make sure everything we’re using is appropriate and a responsible use.”

Keffaber says its important animal agriculture demonstrates it is doing it right.

The Veterinary Feed Directive takes effect January first of next year.

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Steps to prepare for VFD