Working to educate consumers and future nutritionists in Mexico about the quality and value of U.S. pork, USMEF recently conducted a series of seminars and retail promotions funded by the National Pork Board.
‘All You Have to Know About Pork’
USMEF Nutritionist Georgina Gómez presented an educational seminar titled “All You Have to Know About Pork” for 70 nutrition students at the Technological University of Mexico’s School of Nutrition in Mexico City.
The session included information about how pork consumption is beneficial for human health and offered important information about the quality and versatility of U.S. pork. Gomez presented on the attributes of pork as a primary protein and outlined scientific studies that encourage the inclusion of pork in diets.
Lorenzo Elizalde, USMEF trade manager in Mexico, noted that one of the main obstacles of expanding pork consumption in Mexico has been dietary and nutritional myths.
“This type of engagement with future nutritionists is very important because it helps eliminate false perceptions that may exist among health professionals regarding pork consumption,” explained Elizalde. “The students who attended the event will soon be professional nutritionists, and they will have direct influence on their clients. It is vital that they are well-informed about the nutritional value of pork.”
U.S. Pork Sales and Nutrition Seminar
USMEF hosted a seminar for HRI and retail managers in Leon, a city of more than 1.2 million people in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato. The main objective of the seminar was to promote pork consumption and foster loyalty to U.S. pork products in the city’s foodservice and HRI sectors.
“Leon is a very important market in Mexico for pork products and it has great potential,” said Elizalde. “In the area there are many importers, distributors and processors who are interested in increasing their imports of U.S. pork.”
The first day of the two-day seminar was focused on effective sales techniques and the nutritional value of U.S. pork. The second day was an advanced sales seminar that included topics such as negotiations and leadership.
Soriana Retail Promotions
USMEF conducted a retail promotion in Soriana supermarkets to help educate consumers about the quality of U.S. pork. Customers were offered the opportunity to taste Dos Familias products made with U.S. pork, including Cowboy Yucatan Spicy Habanero.
Shoppers who purchased U.S. pork during the promotion received gifts provided by USMEF.
Pork to the Rescue Promotions
Pork to the Rescue promotions at 62 Carnemart stores and 17 Ramos stores rewarded customers who purchased U.S. pork with a special gift from USMEF.
USMEF’s educational and promotional efforts aim to soften the impact of retaliatory duties imposed on U.S. pork products beginning in June of last year. Through November 2018, U.S. pork and pork variety meat exports to Mexico totaled 717,618 metric tons – just 1 percent below the record pace of 2017. Export value, however, was down 11 percent to $1.22 billion.
Seminars, Promotions Educate Mexican Consumers About U.S. Pork