Press release from Kansas State University ASI Department:
Roy Henry, Longford, Kansas, was recognized as this year’s Kansas State University Department of Animal Sciences and Industry Distinguished Alumnus on Monday, December 6.  
Henry received his bachelor’s degree in 1972 from the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University. Upon graduating, he spent his career raising swine and crops on his family farm.  
In 2000, Henry developed one of the first privately-owned genetic seedstock boar multiplication sites in North America. He partnered with Pig Improvement Company (PIC) to raise terminal boars that were merchandised for commercial producers thought the U.S. and internationally. He remained in partnership with PIC producing seedstock until 2014.  
“Roy has been a selfless giver of his time and knowledge at local, state and national levels,” says Joel DeRouchey, K-State ASI professor. “Roy is engrained in the qualities that would represent this award to the highest degree and confer the true meaning of a distinguished alumnus award for our Animal Sciences and Industry Department at K-State.”   
Understanding the importance of exposure to modern swine production but not being able to offer farm tours, Henry developed on-farm YouTube videos to be used by classrooms and the public to learn about modern swine operations. He has served on the Kansas Pork Producers Council executive board, the National Pork Producers Council Board and the National Pork Board.  
He is currently on the K-State Livestock and Meat Industry Council Inc. He has been a strong advocate for student training at the K-State Swine Teaching and Research Center. Henry and his wife, Linda, reside in Longford, Kansas where they are operating a commercial swine herd with a recently completed 5,000-head sow facility with their son, Marc, and his wife, Kate. Roy and Linda have three children and 10 grandchildren.  
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Roy Henry Recognized as the 2021 K-State Animal Sciences & Industry Distinguished Alumnus