The National Pork Board will host its annual Pork Management Conference, April 20-23, 2020, in Destin, Florida.
The annual conference will feature a diverse set of experts from across the U.S. to address current business trends and challenges facing the pork industry. Through presentations, breakout sessions and networking, attendees will gain important insight into the pork industry while learning critical management practices to improve the performance and efficiency of pig farming.
“The Pork Management Conference is a must-attend event for pork producers,” says David Newman, president of the National Pork Board and producer representing Arkansas. “It provides an opportunity for interactions among pork producers and those working in the industry to learn more about the different sectors, ask questions and take new information back to their farms.”
In addition to the general sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, two concurrent afternoon sessions are planned for Wednesday. Topics will include benchmarking, producer response plans, risk management, blockchain, crisis management, finding and keeping talented workers, accounting and tax updates.
Registration is $425 per person through March 20 and $475 after that. No refunds will be made after March 20. A registration from and detailed list of events are available at  
Original release Jan. 30, The Pork Checkoff
Registration Open for Industry-Leading Pork Management Conference