Free program via Facebook can help with recovery from disaster later
Kansas has had drought, wildfires, a spring blizzard and flooding this year and it’s only August. If your home or office were affected by a disaster, would you have an accurate record of what you lost? Would you easily know who to report it to and how to reach them?
Prepare Kansas 2017, an online challenge to all Kansans and others available through the K-State Research and Extension Facebook page, will provide tips to guide you through how to be more prepared to handle emergencies. That can make recovery smoother and faster, according to Kansas State University associate professor Elizabeth Kiss.
Prepare Kansas will run through September to coincide with National Preparedness Month, coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


Prepare Kansas this year will help you take steps to be more financially prepared to weather any challenges, plus it’s a good way to stay organized.
  • Week 1: You don’t know where to get back to if you don’t know where you started, right? This week’s challenge takes you step by step through preparing a household inventory.
  • Week 2: Things change. Circumstances change. Know the right questions to ask as you review homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, plus auto insurance coverage.
  • Week 3: If you had a few precious minutes to leave your home or office, what would you take? Learn the basics about what to include in a grab-and-go kit to help get you back on firm financial footing more quickly.
  • Week 4: Communication is key. This week’s challenge is to develop and practice a family communication plan.
The 2017 Prepare Kansas Challenge on Facebook runs during September, but K-State Research and Extension specialist Elizabeth Kiss and colleagues provide emergency preparedness information on a many topics throughout the year on the Prepare Kansas blog.
Original release Aug. 28, KSRE
Prepare Kansas starts Sept. 1