Last week, the National Pork Board approved three projects on African swine fever (ASF) for a total of $362,555. The research will take place in Vietnam, which continues to battle the virus in many locations.
The Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) has already been heavily involved in collaborating with the USDA on helping the Asian country try to solve its ASF issues while gleaning keen insights into how to improve U.S. preparedness. This move by the National Pork Board was taken after SHIC received numerous excellent responses to its request for research proposals that went beyond its funding capability.
The three projects are:
  • Evaluation of the performance of ELISA for ASF-antibodies detection and its potential use in the U.S. swine industry, University of Minnesota
  • Investigating methods for decontamination of interior surfaces (cabs) of transportation vehicles, Kansas State University
  • African swine fever virus inactivation in compost and persistence of ASF virus in swine slurry research in Vietnam, University of Maine
“We are excited to be working with colleagues here and abroad to learn more about how to be better prepared to prevent and respond to ASF,” said Dave Pyburn, chief veterinarian for the National Pork Board. “This research opportunity creates somewhat of a field laboratory for us to learn as we assist the Vietnamese.”
Original article July 22, The Pork Checkoff
Pork Checkoff Funds ASF Research in Vietnam