Webinar will focus on the different types and the importance of biosecurity
Nebraska Pork Producers Association is hosting a one-hour online webinar on Tuesday, June 13th, beginning at noon. The webinar will focus on the different types and the importance of biosecurity on and off the farm. It is a great review for pig farmers who have been in the industry and for new pig farmers to learn more about the importance and different areas of biosecurity. There is no fee to participate in the webinar.
Registration for the webinar can be accessed by visiting www.nepork.org/producer-education. Participants are encouraged to register for the webinar, several days in advance and will receive an email with the direct link for the webinar.
Dr. Benny Mote, Assistant Professor; Swine Extension Specialist will speak about the importance of biosecurity through different avenues on the farm from:
  • New animal entry into the barn
  • Downtime before farm entry
  • Trucking biosecurity issues and protocol
  • New barn siting separation from other pig farms
“Farmers’ priority of keeping their pigs healthy is an issue of biosecurity. Pig farmers have made great changes in their biosecurity practices over the years, but there are still areas for improvement,” said Dr. Benny Mote.
Nebraska Pork Producers Association will be hosting a webinar on the second Tuesday of every month from noon to one o’clock. The July webinar will cover heat stress on hogs in farrow-to-wean barns. For additional information on webinar topics and speakers go to www.nepork.org/producer-education.
NPPA to host webinar June 13