2018 Course Dates: February 20-22 and May 15-17

Who Should Attend: Individuals interested in learning more about FDA’s animal food safety regulatory requirements that impact all sectors of the feed industry. This interactive course is particularly appropriate if you have feed safety responsibilities within your company and if you are seeking certificates of training from the FSPCA and on the use of HACCP principles.


The FDA has issued final regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act that require feed facilities to comply with new current good manufacturing practices and to implement a written animal food safety plan that is developed and overseen by a “preventive controls qualified individual.” This course will provide you with an understanding of the new requirements and how to create an effective animal food safety plan. During the course, you will learn the fundamentals of animal food safety, under the guidance of nationally recognized experts, allowing you to develop and implement an animal food safety plan in accordance with FDA’s requirements.


By taking this course, you can demonstrate to FDA that you are a “preventive controls qualified individual” by having received training based on FDA’s recognized hazard analysis and preventive controls animal food training curriculum developed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA).


In addition, this course also offers a separate but related HACCP training component. The HACCP training will occur on the final day after the FSMA training concludes and is an optional training but requires additional registration as listed above. Successful completion is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.


Upon successful completion of both components of this program,  you will receive two certificates of training – one from the FSPCA and one from the International HACCP Alliance.


Instructors: David Fairfield, NGFA, Chairman – FSPCA Animal Food Committee; Matt Frederking, Ralco Animal Nutrition, Lead Instructor – International HACCP Alliance; and Cassandra Jones, Ph.D., KSU, Project Manager/Executive Editor – FSPCA Animal Food Training Curriculum.


Topics Covered: FDA’s current Current Good Manufacturing Practice and Preventive Controls rule for animal food; evolution of risk-based food safety preventive controls (HACCP); animal food safety plan; good manufacturing requirements; hazard analysis and preventive controls determination; process controls; sanitation controls; preventive controls management components; and recall plan.


PLEASE NOTE: This particular course is two separate courses offered in succession. The course offering includes registration fees to cover both the PCQI and the HACCP components. Please reach out to Brandi Miller, 785-532-4053 or at bmmiller@ksu.edu with any questions.
NGFA-KSU Food Safety Modernization Act Feed Industry Training