Feedstuffs has recently released a report on new soybean research in monogastric diets.
On the report:
Livestock and feed producers agree that quality feed ingredients are key to animal growth and performance. Recently, discussions have centered around anti-nutritional factors (ANFs), like protease inhibitors (PIs), such as trypsin inhibitors (TIs) and their impact on intestinal homeostasis and nutrient utilization in animals. While TIs can reduce protein digestibility, traditional processing methods effectively mitigate inhibitors, resulting in high protein digestibility.
Nonetheless, methods to directly quantify and better manage inhibitors in feed and food formulations are needed. To enhance inhibitor management, United Soybean Board (USB) is partnering with the public and private sectors to develop quick and accurate methods to measure inhibitors commonly found in legume plants and in the germ of some cereal grains. 
In the report:
  • New and improved measurement tools for trypsin inhibitors
  • New research on how health-challenged pigs perform better with higher lysine to energy ratios
  • A new look at how soybean meal delivers more energy than previously thought
Find the report HERE
New Research on Soybeans in Monogastric Diets