As food trends come and go, consumers are becoming increasingly driven to learn and understand where their food comes from. The Kansas Pork Association and the Kansas Soybean Commission recently partnered to host a #RealPigFarming tour, which provided an opportunity for attendees to see first-hand how their food is raised.

The 10-person tour group, including registered dietitians, a chef, a Kansas pig farmer and state staff, visited Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana. Fair Oaks Farms is a fully-functioning farm that is specifically designed for visitors to get an up-close look at agriculture, and gives an inside look at pig farming and dairy farming.

At The Pig Adventure, the group learned about each phase of pig production, visiting farrowing and gestation barns, and learned about nutrition and technology used in modern pig farming.

The Dairy Adventure provided a first-hand look at the milking process, and the group even witnessed the birth of a calf at the birthing barn.

The tour also included a stop at Indiana soybean farmer Dave Rodibaugh’s farm, where the group learned about how Rodibaugh uses technology to make the best decisions in his farming practices, and how this plays a role in feeding his pigs.

Read the full story in the upcoming Issue 6 of Pig Tales, and search #RealPigFarming on social media for more on what the attendees had to say.

#RealPigFarming is part of an initiative started by the National Pork Board.

KPA, Kansas Soybean Commission host #RealPigFarming Tour