Emphasizing the quality of U.S. pork and its value to the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional (HRI) sector, USMEF conducted a pair of cutting and cooking trainings for chefs and foodservice managers in two of Ukraine’s largest cities. Funded by the USDA Market Access Program (MAP) and the National Pork Board, the trainings in Kiev and Dnipro promoted the use of various U.S. pork cuts and the placement of U.S. pork dishes on menus.
U.S. pork loin, cushion meat, picnic and spare ribs were the subject of trainings at Kitchen Lab, the largest distributor of kitchen equipment in Kiev. The training, specifically intended for Kiev’s HRI operators, attracted more than 40 participants.
USMEF’s goal was to introduce U.S. pork cuts that can be utilized in cuisines that are growing in popularity among Ukrainian consumers.
“The strategy was to invite chefs and restaurateurs who are receptive to and in the best position to include U.S. pork on their menus in the future,” explained Galina Kochubeeva, USMEF representative in the region. “Right now, there is a dining trend in Ukraine toward offering American barbecue and Asian cuisine, so we demonstrated how U.S. pork fits well with dishes in those categories.”
Kochubeeva noted that the training was attended by chefs from some of the most famous restaurants and steakhouses in Ukraine, confirming that there is keen interest in offering more pork dishes to customers.
USMEF Corporate Chef Lawrence Char, who is based in USMEF’s Singapore office, showed participants seven special U.S. pork recipes he created. Char also demonstrated different cooking methods and highlighted the quality features of U.S. pork products, along with the differences that set U.S. pork apart from competitors’ products.
The Kiev trainings followed classes for HRI operators in Dnipro. Conducted in partnership with the Northwestern Chefs Association, the Dnipro class focused on the attributes of U.S. pork and the advantages it offers over pork from the European Union.
Cooking demonstrations were held featuring U.S. pork loin, spare ribs and pork butt.
“U.S. red meat has been relatively new for the HRI market players in Dnipro, but the popularity has been growing since USMEF’s first seminar there in December 2016,” said Kochubeeva. “That is why the classes attracted 35 HRI chefs, sous chefs, technologists and meat buyers. The sector is eager to learn more about U.S. pork and they are wanting to use more U.S. pork.”
Increasing Utilization of U.S. Pork Focus of Trainings for Ukraine’s HRI Sector