Farmers and dietitians from around the state gathered for a restaurant crawl before the KSAND annual conference.

The Kansas Pork Association and Kansas Soybean Commission sponsored a restaurant crawl that preceded the Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (KSAND) annual conference last month.

The event took place in downtown Overland Park, with attendees visiting The Tasteful Olive, Penzeys Spices  and Aubrey Vineyards. Educational information was given at each stop, including nutritional and culinary value and pairings of various oils, vinegars, herbs, spices, and wines that can enhance the flavor and health of home-cooked dishes. Additionally, participants were able to speak with local farmers regarding how they produce safe food.

“The attendees at this event were such an important group of people for us to reach,” said Jodi Oleen, Director of Consumer Outreach. “These are professionals who are educating people about food and it’s so important that they understand how food is grown and raised.”

Special thanks to Kaden and Emily Roush of R Family Farms and Double R Genetics for joining the tour to share about their pig farms.

Farmers and nutrition professionals unite for restaurant crawl