A Farm Journal article written by Jennifer Shike highlights the new “Rural Dictionary” video series by Pork Checkoff, redefining commonly misused and misunderstood phrases relating to modern pig farming.
“Modern pig farmers embrace new technology every day with apps that control barn climate. They use cleaning robots, AI, and they’re even developing facial recognition with the intention of raising healthy animals,” Stonestreet explains in one of five new videos from the Pork Checkoff.
In true Stonestreet style, he uses humor to drive home important truths about modern pig farming in a way that people can relate to and understand.
Experience Builds Empathy 
From his perspective, exposing people to what farmers do day-in and day-out is important and similar to what he does as an actor every day. 
“That’s how we change people’s minds and how we open people’s hearts … we let them in to experience it,” Stonestreet says. “In my world of comedy, I open people’s minds and hearts and eyes with something funny, and then they’re like, ‘Well, now I’m curious about that.’ I think apathy is where the disconnect comes from.”
Stonestreet is quick to point out that although he loves pigs and farming, he learned early in life that being a pig farmer was not going to be his life-long vocation.
“My dad always said I could watch people work all day long,” Stonestreet laughs. “I own that, but I’m thankful that I learned what my vocation was not. It allowed me to go find my space in the world and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Having the opportunity to bring that back to something I’m clearly interested in, and love has been such an exciting opportunity for me.”
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