The National Pork Board recently participated in a joint meeting between the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization and the China Association of the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation (CAPIAC). The International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare, a subgroup of the CAPIAC, focused on animal welfare.
At the conference, Sherrie Webb, director of animal welfare for the Pork Checkoff, shared U.S. pork producers’ experiences with the Pork Quality Assurance® Plus program and the Common Swine Industry Audit. She said both programs focus on continuous improvement tools and help ensure that animal welfare remains a top priority.
As a sign of collaboration, the secretary general of the ICCAW attended the Checkoff’s Pig Welfare Symposium in November and presented a special pre-session discussion about China’s pork industry and welfare-related issues.
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Checkoff Collaborates with China on Pig Welfare