By Mike Brumm

Unless you live in a foreign country, you know it has been hot recently, especially in the regions of the U.S. where pigs are grown. Dew point temperatures in the Upper Midwest have been in the upper 70s to low 80s during the day and have only declined to the upper 60s in early morning hours, with air temperatures remaining above 75 degrees in the overnight hours.

This sustained heat has taken its toll on pigs. Normally federally inspected barrow and gilt carcass weights are 1.3 lb heavier on Thursday compared to Monday and Tuesday weights. July 21 weights were only 0.1 lb heavier, dramatic evidence that feed intake has dropped in barns this week, with the immediate result being a decline in slaughter weights.

I received a call from a client this week asking about running sprinklers 24-7 in hot weather for market weight pigs. My immediate answer is yes! If pigs are hot we need to provide all the help we can in helping them dissipate this heat.

There is always a lot of discussion on how to best cool growing pigs, both in regard to sizing of sprinkler packages and controller settings to run these sprinklers. Click here to read what I teach in our 4-state ventilation workshops.

Original article July 29, Pork Network

Brumm Speaks Out: Summer heat slows growth