The Kansas Pork Association is continuing the #BaconAmbassador social influencer program for a third year. The program partners with online bloggers to grow and engage KPA’s social followers, while also providing consumers with recipes highlighting the versatility of pork.
Husband and wife team Jared and Liisa Waldron of BBQ and Bottles cook with pork because of the variety of cuts and flavors. Pork, they said, is what got them started barbecuing.
“About a decade ago one of our good friends made homemade maple smoked bacon and shared some with us,” Jared said. “It was far better than any bacon we had tasted before, it literally blew our minds. The next week we bought a Weber kettle and tried replicating his bacon. It turned out great and that was the start of our BBQ journey.”
BBQ and Bottles has been a part of the program since its inception and has over 530,000 social media followers.
The #BaconAmbassador program has seen impressive results the past two years, garnering a combined reach of over 11 million and over 100 million impressions. Search #BaconAmbassador on Instagram and Facebook to see the conversations.
Program sponsors include Iowa Pork Producers Association and The Pork Checkoff.
#BaconAmbassador Influencer Feature: BBQ & Bottles