Pork supplies are abundant and consumer demand is strong, so the Taste of Now campaign is reminding chefs and foodservice operators to bolster their creativity and bottom line with pork. Three new ads are sharing this message in foodservice publications.Also, foodservice marketing efforts are featuring three “hero” pork cuts: bone-in loin, boneless loin and ham. Integrated messages are highlighting menu and recipe innovation for these familiar cuts, as well as the profit potential pork offers as a menu item.

The Pork Checkoff is sponsoring three Buzzfeed Tasty videos for social media. The videos, which debuted at the end of February, feature breakfast enchiladas with ham, cheesy spinach stuffed pork chops and slow cooker honey-garlic pork sliders.

To create a buzz with busy, functional at-home cooks, 10 Back-to-Basics videos debuted in February. The featured topics, chosen to match the top Internet searches for pork how-to’s for consumers, are:

  1. How to cook a pork chop
  2. How to cook pork tenderloin
  3. Pulled pork basics
  4. Boneless pork loin basics
  5. How to cook ribs
  6. Ham basics
  7. Easy pork rib roast
  8. Bacon BBQ pork chops
  9. Honey ginger pork tenderloin
  10. Another how-to with ribs
Videos Feature ‘Hero Cuts’ and Back-to-Basics Tips