Sharing the versatility and advantages of U.S. beef and pork with importers and foodservice managers in two important markets, USMEF recently conducted a cutting and cooking seminar in Tijuana, Mexico, and participated in the Alimentarte Food Show in Guatemala. Both efforts, which were designed to set U.S. beef and pork apart from competitors’ products, were funded by the USDA Market Access Program (MAP), the Beef Checkoff Program and the Pork Checkoff.

The seminar in Tijuana consisted of a cutting demonstration of U.S. beef and pork primal cuts that have potential to achieve significant increases in consumption in the Tijuana area, according to Oscar Ferrara, USMEF regional director for Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic.
USMEF meat consultant Luis Pachuca discussed the cuts and how they can be used to fulfill the particular needs of foodservice menu planners.


“Chef Pachuca showed participants how to obtain portion cuts out of primals such as shoulder clod, top sirloin and pork loin,” explained Ferrara. “He also demonstrated preparation techniques for both boneless and bone-in pork loin and pork chop steaks. He showed participants how to derive a number of steak cuts such as sirloin cap steaks and sirloin butt center cut.”


Participants tasted the dishes prepared with the cuts featured in the demonstration. In the cooking portion of the seminar, USMEF Chef Emilio Carranza taught participants how to prepare U.S. beef brisket and U.S. pulled pork and talked about grilling American-style steaks.


In Guatemala, USMEF Chef German Navarrete addressed more than 80 people from the region’s foodservice industry at an event held in conjunction with the Alimentarte Food Show.


“Our objective was to educate buyers and managers about U.S. beef and pork, the U.S. red meat grading system and trends in cuts and preparation of red meat dishes,” said Ferrara. “Chef Navarrete spoke about the U.S. beef and pork production process and food safety regulations. He also spoke about cold chain management and the correct process for freezing and defrosting the product. He completed his talk by explaining new trends in beef and pork cuts and ways of preparing the dishes to add quality and variety to restaurant menus.”

Original article Sept. 2, USMEF

USMEF Conducts U.S. Beef and Pork Events in Mexico, Guatemala