Demonstrating the profitability and overall quality of U.S. pork and beef to Mexico’s hotels and restaurants, USMEF conducted an HRI seminar at the Rational facility in Mexico City. Funded by the Pork Checkoff and the Beef Checkoff Program, the seminar featured cutting and cooking demonstrations and tastings of U.S. beef and pork dishes.

Rational, an international kitchen technology and equipment company, has regularly partnered with USMEF to conduct similar trainings and seminars.

“The strategy of this particular seminar was to capitalize on USMEF’s established relationships with the HRI sector in Mexico and we did this by demonstrating the profitability of using U.S. beef and pork products, as well as by conveying the positive attributes of our products,” said Julieta Hernandez, USMEF HRI manager in Mexico. “This seminar reached chefs from important restaurants and hotels who are currently using the product and introduced them to new approaches and cuts for them to use in their businesses.”

During a cutting demonstration of U.S. beef ribeye and brisket, and U.S. pork tomahawk and brisket, USMEF Chef German Navarrete highlighted the versatility of the cuts. Rational Corporate Chef Pawel Fuentes followed by explaining and demonstrating technology involved in the use of the company’s ovens and other cooking equipment. Fuentes then cooked the beef and pork dishes using Rational technology.

A tasting panel took place at the end of the seminar, where participants had a chance to sample the quality of several U.S. beef and pork cuts.

“Having such synergy enables chefs to see the advantages of using U.S. beef and pork products,” Fuentes said. “The best part is that they were able to taste the end result, which is the most convincing part of any seminar.”

Original article Nov. 18, USMEF

U.S. Pork and Beef Seminar Reaches Key HRI Contacts in Mexico