It’s no secret that pork is a delicious protein option, but it’s less known that some cuts have a place in a heart-healthy diet. Specifically, the American Heart Association has renewed its certification for the pork sirloin roast and pork tenderloin as meeting the criteria as a heart-healthy food. The Pork Checkoff and the American Heart Association will continue to work to promote the heart-health benefits of these two cuts, and consumers will continue to see the Heart-Check seal on packages in the meat case. 
“This simple icon delivers results by giving consumers an easy way to cut through the intricate and often conflicting nutrition noise and easily identify products as heart-healthy foods,” says Adria Huseth, RDN, LD, CPT, manager of nutrition communications and research for Pork Checkoff.  
The purpose of the Heart-Check certification program, and the associated messages, is to give consumers clear information to help them quickly and reliably select products to include in a heart-healthy lifestyle. “Now, more than ever, today’s busy consumers are looking for convenience and support in choosing foods at their grocery store,” Huseth says. “Having the Heart-Check seal on pork sirloin roast and tenderloin products will give consumers a recognizable icon to identify a heart-healthy protein in pork.”
Two Pork Cuts Re-certified as Heart Healthy