Registration is now open for two grain processing courses from the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) and Kansas State University (K-State) Distance Education Program in March, including one course in Spanish. These online courses are both required for the Credential in Grain Processing Management, and run from March 14 – April 15. Registration closesTuesday, March 8. Courses are open to anyone, even if they are not a GEAPS member or a student enrolled at K-State. Online registration and more information on individual courses are available on the GEAPS/K-State Distance Education Program website.

GEAPS 520: Grain Quality Management in Spanish

This Spanish-language offering is a resource for anyone responsible for grain quality, including those who work with storing and conditioning, aerating, drying, pest control or mycotoxin management. Participants learn about quality control and measurement methods, and international grain-grading standards.

GEAPS 540: Entry Level Safety

Lectures identify the main risks of working in the industry, discuss precautions and emphasize the need to learn and follow company and facility safety and health policies.This course is a great resource for new grain industry workers, but also serves an excellent safety refresher for more experienced employees.

Tuition for GEAPS/K-State continuing education courses is $670 for GEAPS members and $850 for non-members. For more information about the courses or to register, visit the GEAPS website, contact Katya Morrell at or call (763) 999-4300.

Two grain processing courses in March