The National Pork Board will be releasing its latest revision of the Pork Quality Assurance program later this year.

“The new version is going to more fully incorporate the people, pigs and planet theme, which really aligns much better with the Pork Checkoff strategic plan,” said Jill Resler, Minnesota Pork Board director of education.

The PQA program was created through the Pork Checkoff in 1989 as a way to reduce the risk of volatile animal health product residues in pork by educating and certifying producers.

Resler says the latest version has a stronger emphasis on the “We Care” principles.

“The six principles are going to become chapters within the new version of PQA Plus.  Then, what farmers would’ve known as the good production practices that were really key in previous versions, will become sub-chapters under those We Care principles.”

The six “We Care” principles are: produce safe food, protect and promote animal well-being, ensure practices to protect public health, safeguard natural resources in all practices, provide a safe and ethical work environment and contribute to a better quality of life for neighboring communities.

Resler says the PQA Plus content has been streamlined too.

“It’s really going to align much better with the average day that a caretaker would have on a farm.  Essentially the content will start with the people coming into the barn, going through biosecurity procedures. Then going all the way through the process eventually ending up at a finishing barn.”

The launch of the new PQA Plus program will be in June during the World Pork Expo in Des Moines.

Original article Feb. 10, Brownfield Ag News

PQA Plus version 3.0 to launch in June