May Improve Nursery Pig Performance 

Pork producers continue to grind feed to very fine particle sizes, resulting in diets with high levels of fine powder. The fine particles (less than 150 microns) create problems during feed manufacturing and delivery, as well as on-farm feeder management. While removing fine particles will improve the diet’s flowability, they must be incorporated back into the feed at some point during manufacturing to prevent feed-mill shrink.

Pelleting is one option to prevent particle issues. However, traditional pelleting requires a substantial investment in equipment to produce the pellets and for the steam required for the conditioning process. This is where cold pelleting is different. It’s an alternative method that does not require using steam or a boiler. This somewhat novel technology provides an economical and practical option for pelleting fine particles removed from ground grains or even complete diets.

This study, designed to evaluate the economic returns of using cold pelleting showed that removing particles less than 150 microns improved flow ability in mash diets. Researchers found cold pelleting to be a viable option for pelleting complete animal feed, and it could optimize the performance of nursery pigs consuming pelleted feeds. Click here for more details about the study.

Pork Checkoff Research Review: Cold Pelleting Can Maximize Feed Efficiency, Nutrients and Economic Return