Heralding U.S. pork as ideal for weekend meals at home, USMEF invited 50 Japanese bloggers to attend a cooking demonstration at “W Café” in the Shinsaibashi District of Osaka, Japan. The event, funded by the Pork Checkoff, was led by influential cooking blogger Kanae Inoue, who introduced three American pork dishes suitable for the weekend table: ham from U.S. pork loin, U.S. pork back rib roast with cumin flavoring and rolled pork with colorful vegetables using thin-sliced U.S. pork butt.

USMEF has been working with Inoue since 2009, and this year her website features a monthly series introducing 12 U.S. pork and beef recipes that she considers to be her family’s favorites.

With 120,000 followers, Inoue’s articles are very popular and garner a huge audience when they are uploaded, noted Takemichi Yamashoji, USMEF director in Japan.

Her popularity – and the strong influence food bloggers exert in Japan – quickly became quite evident.

“Although this particular blogger event was announced only through the USMEF-Japan website and Inoue’s blog, many people applied to be one of the 50 participants,” said Yamashoji. “Those who were lucky enough to secure a spot shared with their followers that U.S. pork is tender and tasty with less fat, which is the opposite of what some admitted they thought prior to attending this seminar.”

Inoue’s blog on the U.S. pork event can be found  online. A sampling of her other writings on U.S. pork and beef can also be found  here.

Original article Dec. 8, 2016

Popular Japanese Food Blogger Leads U.S. Pork Cooking Event