2016 Industry Partners of Kansas Pork Producers

Kansas pork producers value the services provided by the following Industry Partners. Please use this listing to speed your search for information about these companies.

Data Management  •  Environmental Services  •  Equipment, Supplies and Housing  •  Feed and Animal Health  •  Finance, Risk Management  •  Genetics  •  Heating – Propane  •  Veterinary Services

Data Management

MetaFarms, Inc.
At MetaFarms, our team speaks your language. We understand the extensive and unique needs of pork producers. Our web-based platform and customer support staff are all specifically designed to help producers use their data to maximize operational profitability and provide the best possible animal care. Pork production software is what we do — from sows to grow finish to assurance — we have the tools you need!
Lisa Butler
421 West Travelers Trail
Burnsville, MN 55337
ph: (952) 215-3224
fax: (877) 289-3860
e-mail: lbutler@metafarms.com
web: www.metafarms.com

PigCHAMP is the leading supplier of swine knowledge software in the world and has set the standard in pork production management software and has revolutionized the way that pork producers think about data collection and analysis.
Donna Riese
1531 Airport Road
Suite 101
Aimes, IA 50010
ph: (515) 233-2551
fax: (515) 233-7187
e-mail: marketing@pigchamp.com
web: www.pigchamp.com

Environmental Services

Kansas GOLD, Inc.
Kansas GOLD, Inc. is an environmental consulting service specializing in nutrient management compliance. Kansas GOLD offers a 10% discount off basic charges to KPA members.
Garry Keeler
PO Box 263
Baldwin City, KS 66006
ph: (785) 893-2748
e-mail: kconsulting@mchsi.com
web: http://www.kspork.org/kansas-gold/

KLA Environmental Services
Optimize your natural resources and limit your regulatory liability with KLA Environmental Services, Inc. We help you stay in compliance while serving your engineering and agronomy needs. Services include facility expansion, waste management system design, construction contracting, seepage testing, nutrient management plans, water right development and soil and waste sampling.
Frank Mercurio
1303 Yucca Street
Scott City, KS 67871
ph: (620) 872-2300
cell: (785)823-0097
fax: (913)273-1493
e-mail: fmercurio@klaenviro.com 
web: www.klaenviro.com

Equipment, Supplies and Housing

Agri Sales, Inc.
For more than 32 years Agri Sales has offered the confinement, livestock and poultry producer name brand products at extremely competitive prices. Thousands of producers nationwide rely on Agri Sales for their confinement equipment needs.
Brad Carlton
100 Main Street, PO Box 37
Ceresco, NE 68017
ph: (800) 642-1222
fax: (402) 665-2401
e-mail: sales@agrisales-inc.com
web: www.agrisales-inc.com

Jyga Technologies Inc.
Creators of Gestal brand sow feeding systems, Jyga Technologies, Inc. have been specialists in feeding sows for over 20 years. The Gestal 3G is a cost-efficient way to feed group-housed gestating sows and requires no gilt training with group size flexibility in both new construction and retrofit barns.
Hyatt Frobose
32131 NE Trego Road
Greeley, KS 66033
ph: (419) 308-9053
email: hyatt.frobose@jygatech.com
web: www.jygatech.com
Stephanie Clement
132, blvd Leon-Vachon
Saint-Lambert de Lauzon, Quebec G0S 2W0
ph: (418)836-7853

K&N Swine Systems Inc.
Carry a full line of A.P., Airstream Equipment. Also handle Smidley, Sow Joy, Pride of Farm & many other lines. Can help with all your equipment needs.
Rick Henry
1246 132 Rd
Seneca, KS 66538
ph: (785) 336-2130
cell: (785) 799-5466
fax: (785) 336-3810
e-mail: knswine@yahoo.com

Midwest Livestock Systems, Inc.
Midwest Livestock Systems, Inc. has been supplying Kansas pork producers with facilities and equipment since 1971. Midwest Livestock offers a complete menu of services including turn-key construction, design assistance, remodeling expertise, a complete parts department staffed with knowledgeable people and service technicians to install or repair. We do more!
Barrie Luers
3600 N. 6th
Beatrice, NE 68310
ph: (800) 742-5748
fax: (402) 228-2599
e-mail: barrie@midwestlivestock.com
web: www.midwestlivestock.com

Osborne Industries
Since 1973, Osborne Industries has been designing and developing innovative equipment that helps producers save time and money. Products include Stanfield heat mats, Big Wheel hog feeders, Accu-Arm weigh scales, Agri-Aide ventilation equipment, electronic sow feeding (ESF) systems, auto-sort scale systems, and much more.
Robin Friedrichs
120 N. Industrial Avenue, PO Box 388
Osborne, KS 67473
ph: (800) 255-0316
fax: (785) 346-2194
e-mail: sales@osborne-ind.com
web: www.osbornelivestockequipment.com

QC Supply
QC Supply is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality products for working men and women. Since 1982 commercial, agricultural, and residential customers have become reliant on QC Supply to provide quality work apparel, ventilation fans, heaters, lighting, pest control solutions, livestock supplies, irrigation equipment and much more.
Mike Slegl
574 Road 11, PO Box 581
Schuyler, NE 68661
ph: (402) 352-3167
fax: (402) 352-8825
e-mail: mslegl@qcsupply.com
web: www.qcsupply.com

Feed and Animal Health

Advanced Ag Products
Advanced Ag Products offers an all-natural essential oil feed supplement called By-O-reg+. Our product is a combination of unique, functional ingredients and technologies that aid in nutrition and production. With the patented time release technology and consistent source of high-quality ingredients, By-O-reg+ remains the leading alternative for swine performance.
Wade Jansen
705 W. 5th Street
Canton, SD 57013
ph: (844) 2BY-OREG
e-mail: wade@byoreg.com
web: www.byoreg.com

Key Feeds
Feed manufacturer following KSU recommendations and specializing in custom mixes.
Joseph Ebert
PO Box 516
Clay Center, KS 67432
ph: (785) 632-2141
fax: (785) 632-5565
e-mail: keyfeedsfp@sbcglobal.net

Merck Animal Health
Merck Animal Health provides 360° science based solutions that are best for your animals and best for your business. Our Discover, Solve and Support approach along with best in class products like Cirumvent(R) G2, MycoSilencer(R) ONCE, Matrix(R) and Safe-Guard(R) EZ-Scoop(R) (1.8% fenbendazol) provide the industry solutions that are best for the big and best for you.
Dave Bromert
Liberty, MO 64068
ph: (816) 550-3414
e-mail: dave.bromert@merck.com
web: www.merck-animal-health-usa.com

Finance, Risk Management

Farmers State Bank- Westmoreland and Manhattan
Agricultural lending and related services.
Steve Ebert, EVP & Ag. Rep.
307 Main, PO Box 330
Westmoreland, KS 66549
ph: (785) 457-3316
fax: (785) 457-3798
e-mail: steve@fsbwesty.com
web: www.fsbwesty.com

Frontier Farm Credit
We are a part of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide agricultural network providing credit and affiliated services to farm and ranch operators across the United States. Overall, the Farm Credit System supplies the nation’s agricultural industry with nearly one-third of its credit needs.
Gage Zierlein
835 Pony Express Hwy.
Marysville, KS 66508
ph: (785) 562-2371
fax: (785) 562-3371
e-mail: Gage.Zierlein@frontierfarmcredit.com
web: www.frontierfarmcredit.com



DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics proudly offers the most widely used terminal boar line in North America – the Line 600 Duroc boar. DNA Genetics also has North America’s fastest-growing maternal line – the Line 241. This combination produces a market pig designed to excel in North America’s commercial production setting and marketplace.
Bill Nichols
2415-13th St.
Columbus, NE 68601
ph: (402) 563-9644
fax:  (402) 563-9658
e-mail: bnichols@dnaswinegenetics.com
web: www.dnaswinegenetics.com


PIC is the international leader in providing genetically superior pig breeding stock and technical support for maximizing genetic potential to the global pork chain. PIC combines quantitative sciences with leading edge biotechnology to develop non-GMO breeding stock that is focused on meeting the needs of its customers.
Shanna Neill
13662 254th Road
Cummings, KS 66016
ph: (615) 681-8288
e-mail: Shanna.Neill@genusplc.com
web: www.pic.com/usa

Zoltenko Farms Inc.
Zoltenko Farms Inc. is a family-owned commercial stud boar operation producing upwards of 20,000 doses/wk. Located two miles from the Kansas-Nebraska border in an extremely bio-secure location, our focus is directed solely on the production of high quality boar semen, and the service of our customers. Our one of a kind, climate controlled delivery system, provides fresh semen 3 days/wk to producers throughout the Midwest. At ZFI, “We Deliver The Male.”
Lannin J. Zoltenko
2890 Cedar Rd.
Courtland, KS 66939
ph: (877) ZFI-STUD
e-mail: sales@zfistud.com
web: www.zfistud.com

Heating – Propane

Hoover’s Inc.
At the same location since 1959.  Provide leasetanks, tank installation, and propane service in Washington, Marshall, Nemaha, Riley, and Clay counties.
Rich Hoover
309 2nd Street
Greenleaf, KS 66943
ph: (785) 747-2201
fax: (785) 747-2632
e-mail: hooversinc@twinvalley.net

Veterinary Services

Abilene Animal Hospital, PA
Abilene Animal Hospital has been serving the veterinary needs of the swine industry since 1946. Drs. Steve Henry, Lisa Tokach and Megan Potter work to improve the health and productivity of the swine herds they work with.
Steve Henry, DVM; Lisa Tokach, DVM; Megan Potter, DVM
320 NE 14th Street
Abilene, KS 67410
ph: (785) 263-2301
fax: (785) 263-2925
e-mail: Steve Henry: shenry@aahpa.com  Lisa Tokach: ltokach@aahpa.com  Megan Potter: mpotter@aapha.com
web: www.aahpa.com