KPA Director of Consumer Outreach Jodi Oleen recently attended AgCatalyst, an annual marketing and communications conference focusing on the agriculture and food industries. This year’s theme was “Decoding Digital Marketing.”

Oleen also participated in a panel discussion entitled “Meet the Decoders—Connecting with your audience in a crowded digital landscape.” She and other panel members discussed the nature of the content being shared on social media, how they are targeting and reaching audiences, what mediums have been most successful in getting engagements, and using promotions to reach potential viewers or followers.

“It’s re-energizing to listen and learn from some of our industry’s best,” said Oleen. “I’m looking forward to using what I learned to help Kansas pork farmers reach more grocery shoppers.”

Other speakers at the event included Vance Crowe, Director of Millenial Engagement at Monsanto;  Jill McFarland, Digital and Social Media Director for Applebee’s; and Brian Stokoe, Social Media Manager at Caterpillar, Inc.

KPA staff attends AgCatalyst conference