Screenshot_2015-12-21-11-34-15Ibotta campaign sees positive results

In October, the Kansas Pork Association launched a retail campaign through Ibotta, a coupon app for smart phones. The app allows customers to earn a rebate after taking an action, such as watching a video or reading a recipe. The campaign has been running statewide at participating stores, including Walmart, Hyvee and Dillons.

Since its launch, the campaign has generated over 95,000 brand impressions, over 4,500 shopping list placements and a 30% redemption rate, above Ibotta’s average 21% redemption rate.

“We are really excited about the potential of this program,” said Jodi Oleen, KPA Director of Consumer Outreach.

So far, rebates have been given on fresh pork chops and fresh pork tenderloin, with an added bonus given for purchasing pork on two or more shopping trips.

“Our goal with this campaign is to increase awareness and understanding of modern pork production practices while encouraging pork purchases at the retail counter,” Oleen said.

To earn the rebates, customers must watch a pig farming video and read a pork recipe. The rebate amounts and purchase requirements vary and can be changed at KPA’s discretion.

To download the Ibotta app, click here.



KPA continues retail program