From sunrise to sundown, from the heat of the summer to the cold of the winter, Kansas farmers and ranchers know there is great beauty in agriculture. Photographers are encouraged to capture that beauty and share it with others through the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s annual photo contest. KDA will begin accepting photos June 1, 2016.
This year, KDA is adding new categories to promote different aspects of Kansas agriculture. Farmers and ranchers work year-round to produce food, fiber and energy. Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall categories will showcase agriculture during all times of the year. Water, a major component of Kansas agriculture, will also have its own category in the photo contest. Irrigation systems, ponds, rivers and other water sources create beauty in our Kansas infrastructure. In addition, there will be a separate Youth division, for young photographers age 19 and under.
KDA serves to advocate for the agriculture industry, the state’s largest industry. Photos capturing the moments of bliss, struggle and joy in Kansas agriculture will be used to promote the state’s largest economic driver. Prizes will be awarded to the top two winners in each of the six categories: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall and Water as well as the Youth division.
Guidelines for the contest can be found here.
After submission, the Kansas Department of Agriculture is granted permission to use any photograph for publications, social media, websites, displays, etc. without payment or other consideration from the photographer.
Follow KDA on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for more details on the contest, including deadlines, divisions and prizes. For more information, contact KDA Director of Communications Heather Lansdowne or 785-564-6706.
KDA Photo Contest Accepting Entries