The Kansas GOLD™ ProgramKSGLD

As the public has become more concerned with food production issues, the farmer’s responsibility to provide accurate accountability for many day-to-day operations has increased.

To help offset some of this burden, the Kansas Pork Association has initiated the Kansas GOLD™ Program. The GOLD program is designed to ensure that when a regulator visits your farm, the information they request can be found easily and is packaged in a pre-approved format. The Kansas GOLD coordinator has developed a system based on the needs of each farm which speeds the collection of the information and catalogs it in a usable form.

The process begins with a visit to your farm by Michael & Keelie Welch, the Kansas GOLD coordinators, who will begin by examining the KDHE permit for each facility. This permit tells the coordinator what information needs to be collected and kept on file. By Kansas law, there are thresholds based on the facility’s number of animal units which require additional documentation.

KDHE permit requirements can include:

  • Manure Management Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Dead animal Removal Plan
  • Odor Control Plan
  • Closure Plan
  • Financial Assurance Plan
  • Monthly Operational Logs
  • Precipitation Records
  • Swine Certification Training
  • Foreign Animal Disease Plan

Nutrient Utilization Plan updates can include:

  • Adding or deleting land from the NUP Current soil and manure analyses
  • Written spreading agreements
  • Employee training records
  • Equipment inspections and Maintenance Records
  • Chemigation and irrigation permits

Other governmental permits and industry program certifications can include:

  • Kansas Feedlot Permit
  • Biosecurity Plan
  • Pork Quality Assurance
  • Industry certifications

While the requirements are not new, the documents can become scattered over time and many need periodic updates. Following the on-farm visit, the GOLD coordinator will assemble a set of notebooks for each permit number enrolled in the program. These notebooks will contain the information needed by the regulatory agencies.

The GOLD program provides a cost-effective manner to ensure your operation is in compliance. For pricing information or to become a part of the Kansas GOLD Program, please contact Michael Welch at 785-541-1031 or Keelie Welch at 620-249-6224 or


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