Filmmaker will be on hand to discuss film, which features some Kansas farmers and businesses
The Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment and the Kansas Water Resources Institute at Kansas State University are hosting a free screening of the documentary film “Thirsty Land” at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, April 6, at Forum Hall at the K-State Student Union. The campus community and public are invited and encouraged to attend.
“Thirsty Land” is a story about extreme drought, agriculture and the water crisis in the Western United States and how these challenges affect farmers, communities and the environment. A number of Kansas farmers, officials and businesses are featured in the film.
The film’s Emmy award-winning producer, Conrad Weaver, will attend and will follow the screening with comments and a question-and-answer session with the audience.
“Our global food supply and our very survival as humans depends on clean, abundant fresh water,” Weaver wrote on the film’s website,, where a preview trailer and more information can be viewed. “I want to make the audience think about it every time they take a drink of water, enjoy a shower, or water their lawn. We have been given stewardship of a treasure that’s precious and provides food for the world. It must be managed well so that future generations have the same opportunities we enjoy.”
More information about the K-State screening is available by contacting KCARE director Daniel Devlin at or 785-532-0393.
K-State to host screening of documentary ‘Thirsty Land’ on April 6