The Food and Drug Administration and the Food Safety and Inspection Service released results from the 2016 annual Food Safety Survey, which aims to gauge and track the public’s understanding of proper food safety handling techniques. The results show that while food thermometer ownership rates have remained constant, reported consumer usage has increased slightly for roasts, chicken parts and hamburgers between 2006 and 2016.

Furthermore, the survey found that hand washing rates remained constant or decreased between 2010 and 2016, after having risen prior to that period. Consumers were most likely to report washing hands with soap after touching raw meat or raw fish and that rate has remained constant since 2010 at 85 percent. The survey also found that an increasing number of consumers use technology-handheld phones and tablets-in the kitchen, but only one-third of respondents reported washing their hands after handling a device.

Original article Dec. 2, Pork Network

Food Safety Survey Shows Consumer Knowledge Up, Still Room to Grow