Austin and Kendall Heiniger, Fairview, attended the Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual conference earlier this month and assisted at the KPA booth. The Heinigers answered questions from dietitians and health care professionals related to raising pigs, specifically in modern barns.
“We enjoyed the opportunity to share our experience with others,” said Kendall. “It’s such a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the ag community.”
KPA was also a sponsor of the conference, which covered a variety of topics including “Food Cults– Where Science and Skepticism Collide: Closing the Gap Between Nutrition Knowledge and Food Beliefs” and “Food and Feelings: How RD’s Can Build Trust and Make Complex Information Understandable.”
“We really appreciate having producers at events like this,” said Kim Hanke, KPA Director of Communications. “Conversations have much more of an impact when consumers are able to hear directly from the farmers raising their food.”
Farmers connect with nutrition professionals