Last week’s Farm Food Tour hosted a group of dietitians and bloggers in a continued effort to connect these food influencers to agriculture.
The three-day tour included stops at Merck Animal HealthMonsanto and a small processing facility, Central Missouri Meat and Sausage.
Attendees were given surveys before and after the tour to determine how informed they were on these the topics of antibiotics, hormones and GMOs.
“We saw favorable shifts in the level of knowledge of our attendees,” said Jodi Oleen, KPA Director of Consumer Outreach. “Survey analysis provided us with information showing this tour created a higher level of confidence in today’s farming methods.”
You can find out what they learned by following the hashtag #farmfoodtour on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also see more on the tour in the upcoming issue of Pig Tales.

The tour was a collaboration between the Kansas Pork Association, Kansas Soybean Commission, United Soybean Board and Kansas Farm Bureau.

Dietitians and bloggers learn more about food and farming