On August 15, the National Pork Board, in conjunction with National Hog Farmer, is hosting a webinar on Checkoff-funded research that focused on Heavy Weight Market Pigs. This was a collaborative effort between the Pork Safety, Quality, and Human Nutrition Committee, the Animal Science Committee and the Animal Welfare committees.
In the hour-long webinar that begins at 1 p.m. CDT, five presenters from the Checkoff, Kansas State, USDA, and the University of Illinois will report on recent findings related to:
  • Projecting changes in pig growth
  • Pork quality,
  • Eating experience
  • Muscle physiology due to increasing live and carcass weights
While we don’t want to give away too much, we can stay the study shows that increased carcass weights lead to:
  • Heavier primal weights for loins and hams
  • No negative effects on loin quality (color and marbling) or palatability characteristics.
Increased pork chop tenderness and water-holding capacity, which affects tenderness positively.
Carcass Weight Research Webinar Planned