Third and fourth grade students from each district in Butler County were able to spend a day in the country learning about agriculture and how it affects their lives.

“Butler County Ag Day is a program that gives students the opportunity to experience farming and farm products up close,” Bluestem fourth grade teacher Barb McCaffree added. “Our sponsors and volunteers were so anxious to participate.”

More than 400 students from Augusta, Circle-Oil Hill, Flinthills, Rose Hill, St. James Catholic School, El Dorado, Douglass and Bluestem arrived at the farm of Don Walenta, south of Leon, and visited several “stations” around the farm that provided a glimpse into agriculture.

Lots of questions were asked.

“How many gallons of milk can a cow produce?” asked a student.

Amanda Hebb, a volunteer who provided facts about dairy cattle and dairy products, explained an active milk cow can produce 6.3 gallons daily.

Damien Korte stood beside a large John Deer S670 combine and explained its functions, capacity and ways it helps in harvesting his corn crops.

The students seemed interested in the huge farm machine and in the process of harvesting.

“An average ear of corn has 800 kernels, arranged in 16 rows. It’s always an even number,” he said, then pointed to the combine. “This combine can pick about 2,000 bushels in an hour and the grain tank holds around 400 bushels.”

Facts about specific crops such as soybeans, wheat, corn and sunflower seeds were shared, as well as the many uses and products of the crops.

Another popular presenter was Daniel Scribner speaking on the role of a cowboy. He explained the duties of a working cowboy, the purpose of saddles and horse tack. He also demonstrated roping a steer.

The outdoor classroom provided exposure to farming and provided an experience the students enjoyed.

McCaffree said, “This day couldn’t be possible without the help from our sponsors, presenters and volunteers. This will be a yearly field trip for students. We are already making plans for next year.”

Sponsors of Butler County Ag Day were: Don Walenta Farms, USD 205 maintenance and bus staff, Kansas Pork Association, Prairieland Partners, Jason Pirtle, Straub International, Dean Ogle Farms, Augusta Tractor Supply Co., Andover Atwoods, Fleming Feed & Grain, Mid Kansas Coop, Schneider Grain & Supply, Kansas Dairy Council, Haw Ranch Feedlot, Blankenship Seed, Haywire Cattle Co., Cargill, El Dorado Livestock Auction, American Valley Coop, SunGroup Realty, Jim’s Propane, Elk River Wind Farm, Continental Agra Equipment, Gavilon Group, KFAC, Willhite Crop Insurance, Chuck Korte, Butler County Health Department, Steve Johnson, Kansas Beef Council, Bill and Debbie Webster, Butler County Conversation District and Butler County Farm Bureau.

Presenters and volunteers were: David Fullinwider, Damian Korte, Dallas Korte, Cathy Musick, Sandy Koontz, Brenda Nyberg, Eden Fuson, Bill Webster, Joe Keener, JR McCaffree, Stacey Wynn, Tiya Oppolt, Eric Burden, Jenelle Korte, Susie Casper, Amanda Hebb, Daniel Scribner, Jan Milbradt, Bill Bowman, Patty Lucas, Christie Bowman, Jennifer Dawson, Stacey Scribner, The Rigg family, Jewelee Chastain, The Larsen family, The Becker family, FFA students, Matt Gilliand and Amanda Gilliand.

Butler County Students attend Ag Day in Leon