FarmHer is looking to highlight the next generation of FarmHers in a segment on their tv show. Submit your videos now through July 31st.

FarmHer connects, inspires, and empowers women in agriculture. Whether it be online, on the farm, or at an event, FarmHer brings these women together to build a better understanding of how their lifestyles improve the world around them.

How to submit a video for Syngenta’s #RootedinAg Spotlight:
  • Be between the ages of 18-30
  • Have roots in agriculture
  • Create a video between 30 and 60 seconds
  • Answer at least one of the following questions:
    • Who inspires you to be #RootedinAg?
    • How has a woman in your life led you to where you are today?
    • What’s the best advice you ever received?
    • How are you #RootedinAg?

Be a part of the FarmHer TV show