KPA continues to encourage farms to complete Secure Pork Supply Plans
KPA staff recently participated in a two-day African Swine Fever (ASF) tabletop exercise hosted by the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA). The event was part of a 14-state exercise sponsored by the USDA VS National Training and Exercise Program designed to challenge each state’s existing ASF response plan. Also attending were state and federal agency representatives, pork producers, veterinarians, extension personnel and more. 
The exercise was presented as a series of three modules dealing with specific areas of a U.S. outbreak response: 1) national and state-based movement standstill, foreign animal disease investigation, diagnostics and results delivery; 2) depopulation and disposal; 3) continuity of business and the Secure Pork Supply (SPS).
In the case of an outbreak, the KDA will give priority of animal movement to farms that have completed a Kansas SPS plan. The KDA has staff available to help farmers with their plans or you may choose to utilize a veterinarian. Those wishing to start a plan or to learn more about the process are encouraged to contact Emily Voris, KDA Animal Health Planner, at (785) 564-6601 or
KPA, with support from the National Pork Board, is encouraging farms to complete their Secure Pork Supply plans by offering a $100 incentive to the first 200 premises. In order to be eligible for the incentive, a plan will have to be approved by the KDA.
Producers are also encouraged to sign up for the Pork Crisis Alert, which will immediately deliver essential information to U.S. pork producers in the event of a major industry-wide emergency. The service is free of charge and will be used only in the event of a true industry-wide emergency. To sign up for the alerts, text PorkCrisis to 97296.
ASF Exercise Held in Manhattan