A Letter from Your President

My fellow pork producers:
Welcome to the 2016 Annual Report. This past year was one of milestones, opportunities and challenges. I am so pleased to say that, consistent with our mission, we did it together.
The National Pork Board’s mission is to be the catalyst that unites producers with our key stakeholders through research, promotion and education. Never have the three tenets of the Pork Checkoff been more important in attaining our goals to build consumer trust, drive sustainable production and grow consumer demand.
Of particular focus in 2016 was defining consumer-centered marketing programs to promote our product and increase consumption in the United States and worldwide. With the record-breaking production facing our industry, we must open new markets and find creative ways to share pork’s value.

Our three overarching goals – and the many tactics that support them – truly are where the rubber meets the road. Administering our industry’s programs through your Checkoff dollars is also where the Pork Checkoff delivers its value to you. Whether it is building trust through promoting responsible on-farm antibiotic use, funding research or delivering educational programs that improve how you farm, your Pork Checkoff has never been more relevant.

Also relevant are our unchanging values of collaboration, proactive outreach and a commitment to continuous improvement. These values resonate, and when combined, illustrate how we are doing what is right to meet the needs of people, pigs and the planet. Our values drive our We Care ethical principles.
While we still face challenges – from increasing consumer scrutiny of our industry to meeting and exceeding regulatory rule changes – we know that we are delivering a safe, wholesome product to a hungry world. In addition, with sound planning, hard work and a positive outlook, our challenges simply become opportunities for success.
So please, read on! The 15 volunteer producer board members are here for you. We want to answer your questions and listen to your comments on our industry’s performance. You can find our contact information at pork.org, or feel free to reach out to the Pork Checkoff Service Center at (800) 456-7675.
Your investment makes our success possible.
Thank you,
Jan Archer
President, National Pork Board
Goldsboro, North Carolina

View the annual report here.

2016 Pork Checkoff Annual Report